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Monday, March 19, 2012


After spending 2 nights in Boston, we drove about 4 hrs to a very beautiful quaint little place called Vermont. It has a lovely ski resort in winter and in the spring, it offers great water sports, scenic drives, tourist attractions like visiting a cider mill, ice cream factory, chocolate factory, pewter making workshop, cheese making, wine tasting and many more. It actually reminded me a little of the Midlands Meander in Pmb, S.A. I can imagine how beautiful this place must be in the spring with all the gorgeous mountains and quaint little shops and houses.
 Duncan overlooking the lake. All sorts of water sports are performed on the lake during Spring.
 A semi frozen lake on the way to Vermont. We saw many 'defrosting lakes' along the way.
 Vermont village. It was much more beautiful than the photos portray.
 Driving down the streets towards the harbour.
 This was not such a great photo but this is at the harbour. What I liked about it was that it was not built up and not so populated and busy. People were walking their dogs, jogging or just enjoying the fresh air. There were a few restaurants and pubs and they also had an Aquarium. If you have been to the Durban or Cape Town aquarium - then you have been to the best in the world, so we didn`t go to this one. We also have to choose our actvities carefully as there is so much to do and see and it also starts to cost and we are not very long in most places.
 We visited a Cider Mill in Waterbury near Vermont. In fact, Waterbury is a great scenic place where there are many things to see along the way - just like a little meander of attractions, so a popular place for tourists!

 Going into the Cider Mill. The factory was not operating on Saturday but we were still able to see how they make the cider from a video that was shown. We could also see all the equipment used for making apple cider.
 This was a cider jelly tasting area. The jam (jelly) had a most unusual sour apple taste but it was really good!
 Maple syrup for Africa!
 Luke tasting a sample of apple cider. We were also given apple cinnamon doughnuts to taste. They were delicious!
 This sign caught Phil`s attention - can you read what it says? Free FudgeTastes! Well, we just had to go into this shop! (Phil couldn`t resist - he LOVES fudge). We were given all kinds of fudge to taste - apple cider fudge, peanut butter fudge, chocolate fudge. In fact when we walked into the shop and were asked whether we would like to taste their fudge, Murray replied without any hesitation, "Yes please. That is why we came into the shop!" I was so embarrassed............but Phil and the boys just enjoyed it all!
 We visited a ski resort in Vermont called "Stowe Mountain." We hopped onto a ski lift and took a ride to the ski center. It was very beautiful but the snow was melting and of course it is at the end of the season but it was good just to take a look around. We have been so blessed to have had snow our first week in America so we could ski and then we prayed for no snow after that so we could travel on the roads safely without any snow storms. God has really blessed us and answered our prayers!
 "Stowe Mountain" ski Resort.
 We visited an ice cream factory in Vermont called Ben and Jerry`s ice cream. They were friends at school and started an ice cream making business later in life together.
 Moooooo.................Luke pointing to a momby (cow)
 Whose doing the tasting? After our factory tour, we were given samples to taste. We tasted chocolate chip cookie dough flavour which was delicious! We were not allowed to take photos in the factory so I haven`t got any photos but the tour was very interesting.
 The entrance to the Ice cream factory and gift shop.

Well, after all our fudge, apple cider, doughnut and ice cream tasting, that was the end of our day touring around Vermont. We spent one more night at a "Day Inns" hotel and then headed up to Canada to stay with Johno and Trisha Robart Morgan, who left Zimbabwe about 10 years ago.

Canada will be my next post!

We hope you are enjoying our journey with us!?
Thanks to those who have posted comments from home - it is always so good to hear from you!

We are finding America really reasonable in relation to groceries and general costs. For a night in a "Days Inn" hotel, we will pay around $70 for a night including breakfast for all of us. This will consist of a room and bathroom with one boy on the floor on a mattress and a continental breakfast in the morning. Compared to our astronomical prices in Zimbabwe - this is so good. I find it really sad that Zimbabwe has got so expensive............................what a pity.


  1. I'm sure Phil tried all the Weight Watchers fudge, right? :-)

    1. Of course, it was special diet fudge!

  2. What a beautiful country. Am so loving visiting it with you. I so would have gone for the maple syrup though - that stuff is YUMMY!!!!

    1. Hi Tara, really apprecite all your enthusiasm!
      Love Mandi

  3. Hey Frosties!!
    Great to follow your journey - great blog!!!
    Zim is still on the map as well as Marondera!!
    We have had a busy week with convention, but was a great success, well organised, kids brought home lots of medals.
    See you soon, luv da Greens

    1. Glad to hear that Dera is still on the map! We are all having a great time! Weldone with the convention - will hear about it when we get back!
      Love to all
      Luv Da Frosties