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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The boys are ready to go!

Well almost ready to go - we leave for America on Wednesday, the 29th February! I showed the boys this photo of when we went to Australia 18 months ago. We are all very excited!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Travels to America

Hi Special friends and family!

We are off on a 6 week holiday to America in less than 4 days time! We studied America for an entire year, so it is going to be so exciting to see and experience the places and things that we learnt about. This is what we LOVE about home schooling as we can go and see the places we study as well as going whenever we want to, not having to stick to certain "term dates."

So, our trip will mostly be educational but Phil will also be visiting some farms and preaching at one of the churches in Honeoye. We will also be doing a presentation at a home school co-op in New York state, speaking about what home schooling is like in Zimbabwe. We will be mostly staying with home school families as well as friends and family.

We will also be doing some snow ski-ing at Bristol Mountain near New York state and this is about 30 minutes from the friends we are staying with. The boys are so excited!

We would also like to experience some of the churches there, get to know more Christians and attend some Precept Bible studies. I cant wait to meet other American Christians and just to see what they are like! I will be flying to Chattanooga in Tennesee for Kay Arthurs womens Christian conference with Precept ministries. I am so excited for this! So, we will be travelling around the N.E including New York State, PA, Maryland, Kentucky to see the famous creation museum by Ken Ham, Washington D.C and then we will finally end up in New York city.  

So, keep your seat belts on, grab that cuppa and follow our journey!
We would also love to hear back from you. 

Love Phil, Mandi, Murray, Duncan and Luke