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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Out West Adventure Part 4 YELLOWSTONE

We have finally reached our destination and the real reason why we have travelled Out West - To see Yellowstone National Park!!!

Yellowstone National Park, the oldest national park in the United States, spans parts of three states: Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It is famous for its geothermal activity, including 10,000 hot springs and 200 geysers, including ‘Old Faithful.’ There are also mountains, including one of black obsidian (volcanic glass), cooled and hardened basalt lava flows, deep valleys and canyons, rivers, lakes, forests, petrified wood (wood turned into rock), and wildlife.

 Yellowstone Lake

 The boys and myself.
 Yellowstone National park is situated in a massive extinct volcano so there are many geysers all over the park. You can see the steam in the back ground...........but you ain't seen nothing yet! Oh yes, and I hope you noticed the Bison in the background?

 At the lake.

 Duncan enjoying the view.
 Look at those colours!
 We were all having a sauna with all the steam!

 Stunning Colour!

 Beautiful colours! Green = algae growing, yellow = sulphur, orange = arsenic, grey = manganese. If the water was very blue, then you knew that the temperature was above boiling point and extremely hot.

 It looks like a paradise Island!

 The white was calcium carbonate

 Old faithful erupts every 1hr45min and we had the privilege of seeing it erupt.
 Our first Elk!

The Canyon Falls
 My Boys!


 There was a lot more Calcium Carbonate here (white)

 Elias and Duncan - wishing he was back in Cowboy land! The land of Cody!


 I just loved all the colours!

 The Mud pots

 Goofy kids!

 Another Family photo - just missing dad!!

 A petrified tree. No, it was not scared!
We were so sad to say goodbye to Yellowstone. It was an adventure we will never forget! Thank you Lord for your goodness and for revealing yourself to us in your creation! It is truly magnificent! This is not the end of our adventure but I will only be able to update in the next few weeks as my time allows. Until next time.......