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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Out West Adventure Part 1

We went on a 3 week trip out West in America with two other Home School families. We hired a 15 seater van and off we went on an adventure of a life time! We went through 14 different states, drove nearly 7000 miles and learn`t a great deal about American History, Science, (God`s creation as opposed to evolution), Geology, Geography, relationships, communication and life skills in general. I have over 1500 photos so I have tried to include the best ones I have, with writing these posts in a few parts so that this will not be one very long post. This is Part 1 and I hope to complete all the parts in the next few weeks. It will take a great deal of time. So, here goes.......!

All the States we drove through! We did not count Arizona and New Mexico as we only went to the four corners (where 4 states touch) so we "touched" the states but didn`t actually enter them. Maybe next time?!
 Our first stop was the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead in Wisconsin! It was a wonderful place and we had so much fun there!

 All the kids! 7 boys and 3 girls.
 The look out.

 We didn`t realize how small the wagons were - so narrow!
 The brave mums - Patricia, Linda and myself.
Luke sweeping in a Sod house (made of mud and straw)

 Trying out the pump.

 The beds felt so hard - made with straw.

 Time for washing - it looks like an old fashioned washing machine!? So that's where it came from!

 The school house.
 We were given a little History lesson. We all behaved ourselves!
 Imagine wearing these today? 
Our transport to the school.

 Making corn dolls.
 The little church.
 On the road again to our next stop - Badlands National park.
 At the site where Louis and Clark made peace with the Indians.
Linda and me

 Sunflowers - we saw many of these!

 Heading towards the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

 Now in South Dakota on the way to the Badlands. The scenery is changing - no more trees, very flat, grasslands but then.........

 .....but then.....we spot some mountain peaks....we are coming closer to the Badlands.

 This was a wonderful place and one of our highlights of the whole trip! The boys felt a renewed sense of freedom, climbing on all the rocks and soaring like eagles! It felt like we were back home with all the open spaces!

 It kind of looks a bit like the Pyramids?
 Mum and boys - How special!

 We didn`t see any!

The Badlands offered such interesting landscapes! It was very different to what we had ever seen. We were just having such an amazing time together! Part 2 is next - here is the link: 


  1. Love the perspective on your philosophy of Home Schooling Education...I (CG) grew up in California, but have traveled to see many of the places you just enjoyed...great to hear from you...

    1. Thanks for the reply! Lovely to hear from you. We think America is very beautiful but we do miss Zim! Love to all there xxxx