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Friday, August 16, 2013

Myrtle Beach

We have just spent a week with Jono and Trisha at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. We had very hot weather to begin with, over 40 degrees, so we were grateful when the weather cooled down for our last two days. We had such a great time with friends and family! We will be heading back to Ithaca tomorrow which will take us about 12 hours, so it is a long way but we really do enjoy driving in the States and we really do get to see many places.

 Duncan and James
 Cool Dude!
 Trisha in the Lazy River!
 This was a water park we went to. We all had a great time!

 Duncan and James coming down one of the slides.

 Luke at the end of this big monster purple slide. He didn't enjoy it. 

 Having our picnic lunch.

 The wave pool.
 Luke, Duncan, James and Megan.

 Splashing in the waves!

 A lone Jellyfish on the beach!

 This murky picture shows how hot and humid it was!

 Murray making a movie!

 I am guessing that someone dies in this movie!?

 Playing mini golf.

 This is on the waterfront - there were so many shops and so many people!

 Murray trying to get a few photos before it was dark.

 An upside down restaurant.

 A Zip line across the water.

 Feeding Fish Frenzy!

 Phil trying to solve our country`s problems! It will take a life time.

 This is where we stayed. It was a 3 bedroom apartment and really spacious.

And that concludes our Beach experience! I will post again at the end of September after we get back from  our trip out west to Yellowstone.  


  1. Looks like all you guys do is have fun!!! Enjoy!!!

  2. We are making the most of our only Summer we will be having in the States, so we are trying to do and see as much as we can. It has been great to be able to see some places more South of the country. Take care and love to everyone there xxxx