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Sunday, February 17, 2013


We had about 12 inches of snow last weekend so of course what was the next best thing we needed to go and do..............SLEDDING! So off we went on Saturday we went to Cornel plantations and then on Sunday we went to Rice Hill. I only have photos of Rice Hill.
Phil helping Duncan

 Luke and myself getting ready! Hats, gloves, glasses, all set!

 Duncan and Luke lining themselves up. They loved racing each other.

 Rice Hill overlooking Lake Cayuga! It so so long and steep. Going down was great fun, coming up was exhausting but good exercise!

 Phil and I just before we went down....................
 ...............And.....................ready steady...................go!
 It was great fun! We felt like teens again!
 A half frozen waterfall at Taughannock State Park. There are many waterfalls, hikes and trails in Ithaca so I can`t wait for the Summer when we can explore all these places. There is a tour this week, walking in the snow to the waterfall. We may go but depending on how cold it is and if the wind is blowing, then it can be really unpleasant, so we will see?
It was a beautiful sunny day.
I will be posting about our lives in Zimbabwe as my blog does not have anything on Africa. I originally started this blog so that our friends and family could follow our adventures in America, so that was my purpose (as well as to encourage those who home school). Our hearts go out to our Beloved country as Zimbabwe faces another election and political turmoil. We have been praying for our friends who live there and for their safety and protection during a time of robberies and attacks. Our hearts go out to you all! We may be far away physically but you are constantly in our hearts and prayers!
We pray that God will give you the strength to perservere in times of trials and that you will come out stronger in the Lord as your faith grows and as all people in Zimbabwe seek the Lord and come to KNOW HIM as their Lord and Saviour. Amen. 
Isaiah 51:7-8 "Hear me, you who know what is right, you people who have my law in your hearts: Do not fear the reproach of men or be terrified by their insults. For the moth will eat them like a garment; the worm will devour them like wool. But my righteousness will LAST FOREVER, My SALVATION through all generations." 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

American Adventure 2013

We are living in America for a year as my husband will be studying at Cornel University in Ithaca, New York State, so this is where we will be for the next year, until January 2014! (I think?)

We will be sharing our adventure with you, our happy memories; our frustrations; our challenges; what we have liked and not liked, so just having our friends and family follow our journey and share it with us, will mean a great deal to us and remind us of friends and Africa back home!

We would really appreciate your comments and contact through this Blog or emails or skype as we will miss you all and will love to hear about how things are back in Zimbabwe (and South Africa, Ausie, New Zealand and the U.K)!
 Phil and Duncan at home in Zimbabwe, Leaving for our Year Long Adventure in America!
 Our entire belongings and off we go! 
 From Sunny Skies to Shimmering Snow - The boys` first day of sledding! Phil giving Duncan a push start!
 Phil and Luke trying to keep each other warm (jokes). I was FREEZING and went inside. I dont think I lasted more than 10 minutes!
 In Ithaca, New York State! We finally found a sweet little Duplex after much looking around and viewing some really interesting houses. It is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom (for now, as another bathroom is being built) a lounge, dining room and sweet kitchen. The place where I spend much of my time! Feeding 4 boys is hard work and they just don`t stop eating and I just don`t stop shopping! It is a pleasure though not worrying about power cuts and the convenience of a dish washer and shops that have whatever you need. The boys have slotted in well though and they each have their chores that they are responsible for. Murray sweeps, mops and vacuums all the floors. Duncan empties out the trash, keeps the dustbins clean and sweeps the steps of snow. Luke packs and unpacks the dishwasher and helps tidy the kitchen with me after meals. They all help fold laundry, pack it away and shovel snow. Phil washes pots and pans, helps clean the bathroom, where we all take our turn. All my 4 boys are a great help! Oh and I do everything else! (cook, clean, wash, teach, discipline, disciple, shop, drive, organise, manage, delegate ......... there is more but I will stop there) :) :)
The coldest it has been so far -16 Celsious which is 3 Farenheit. Note, me driving! One of the obstacles I am learning to overcome. I know how to get to the library, Walmart (shops), post office and bank, so I think that just about covers it for me.......for now!  
 Duncan finally gets to shovel snow! The boys have been dying to get stuck in and do some shovelling. I`m sure they will have their fair share of that in the weeks ahead. There has not been much snow at all and a very mild winter so we will see what the weather holds for us in the near future?

This is our lounge and where the boys also do their school work. Phil is not there during the day so we have enough space. His office is down stairs, so nice and queit and out of the way for him. We have since bought another desk and Duncan`s desk is now in the other corner so they have more space.
 Our first sun rise taken from our front door just in front of the car overlooking the neighbours. No fences!
Well, I guess there is a first time for everything - my first run in -10 celsious. I didn`t want to run far just in case I froze on the way out and then couldn`t get back! Actually I was quite warm with my thermals on, just my chin and nose felt almost frozen, so next time I will go even more prepared.
We are still trying to find our feet and as we meet new people and become more familiar with our surroundings, then we will begin to feel more settled. We have joined a wonderful church with a great youth group so I hope the boys will be making some new friends soon. They miss their friends in Zim! Murray was involved with helping the youth group doing up a shelter for homeless single men which he enjoyed.
This is the end of my first entry. I will try and add posts every 2 weeks. You can sign up and then you will recieve emails when my blog has new  updates.
Lots of love xxx