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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Out West Adventure Part 2

Our travels have been such an experience for our boys, seeing the world, learning from different cultures, and the History, learning about ourselves, God and others and how we should relate to the world around us. Our travels as a family has been a very rich experience. We always learn best from real life and this is an educational philosophy that we hold, so it has been a real privilege to be able to travel together.

We went to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and then headed off to Wyoming. We are getting close to our destination - Yellowstone National Park!

Climbing rocks again. Such fun!!

This is the 'Needles Pass' as you can see - like going through the eye of a needle. Will we make it in our Big van? I was so pleased that I was not driving!
We did make it, if you were wondering? Linda was actually filming while driving through and Elias (her 13 yr old son) thought that this was so irresponsible. He thought that we would surely die! hahaha
We drove through a few hundred Bison. They got so close to the van. 

Farm lands on the way to Cody Ranch in Wyoming.

We stayed at Cody ranch and this was their communal area where you could play chess, draughts, make puzzles and just hang out. The kids loved being here when we had some free time to rest and just chill. 
Duncan and Levi playing chess.
The lounge area.

We went on a horse trail ride.
And we had a real cowboy look after us - with his western look, bear spray and weapon. We didn`t see any bears though.
This picture looks so like a scene from a Cowboy and Indian film, with the country side and river.
Sitting around the camp fire cooking........................guess what?
.......Hamburgers......what else!
The horses relaxing after their mornings trail ride.
Some lichen that we came across.

The houses that we stayed in.
We went to a Museum.

Can you see Cody? We were heading to Yellowstone and that was our next stop!!
Nearly there!
Outside the museum.
An old Trail Town.

Inside one of the little houses.

Of course the boys could not resist making a movie! The owners were very friendly and allowed them to make a movie. They had so much fun!

An old store - it was just like the movies!
Bill Cody, known as Buffalo Bill. He was a soldier, Bison hunter and showman.  He became famous for his Wild West shows and was instrumental in founding Cody.
I wonder who is shooting and who is dying?
Some very old wagons, very old.....
Some even older sleighs!
A Saloon - also just like the movies.

Goodbye Old Trail Town.

We went to a Rodeo! It was one of our Highlights!

This sign says "All things are possible with God." We were very encouraged!

The THREE MOST HANDSOME Cowboys in the Rodeo! Murray, Duncan and Levi. They enjoyed that Western look!

The Whole gang - Good Bye to Cody! We will miss this place! More news coming - Part 3- here is the link: 

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