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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Out West Adventure Part 3

We stayed in a lovely Big wooden house in the Woods. It was a wonderful change from the usual hotels and some space for all of us to move around in! It was probably our favourite house out of all the four houses we stayed in.

 Linda and I.
 Going for a walk.

 Murray and Abigail enjoying a rest.
 This was the town of Lead in South Dakota.

 We visited an Old Gold mine in Lead.

 Then we went to a little town nearby called Deadwood. It was a typical western town and I loved the Western vibe it gave!
 These actors were doing an act - very entertaining.
 I loved all the signs!

 They are closing the street so that they can act out a "SHOOT OUT."
 Here are the baddies playing poker and they have a disagreement and someone is caught cheating.

 The Shoot Out!

 Both Baddies die over a lousy game of cards!
 The Victor and the Sheriff. This was a true story in Western times but I cannot remember the names or any other details.

 On the road again - Linda with the Indian Village, as our boys were known for! Linda and I would swap places and we would read aloud to all the kids in the van. We read little House on the prairie novels, creation v.v evolution about Yellowstone, Economics - "what happened to penny Candy," a historical novel about Lewis and Clark and others. It was such fun!
 Devils Tower.
 The View walking around Devils Tower.
 All of us except Linda. Curtis (Patricia's husband joined us for part of the trip)

 We saw quite a few rock climbers attempting to climb to the top. It is not for the faint hearted.

 My Big Boy!
The Indians in the Indian village! Go to part 4 - Yellowstone. The best is yet to come!Click on:  

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