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Friday, March 23, 2012


We drove from Vermont to Erin in Canada, which is about an hour from Toronto city. It was a very long trip and it took us about 9hours. So far, this has been our longest stretch but the journey went really well and it didn`t seem like we had been travelling all day. We spent 4 nights with Johno and Trish Robart Morgan and it was SO GOOD to see them again after all these years! They left Zimbabwe in 2002 so we were able to connect again and share all our news over the last 10 years!
 On the way to Canada from Vermont.
 We came across many semi-frozen lakes. The weather has been so warm for this time of year and there is little chance of more snow for now.

 We had crossed the border by now so we were close to Toronto. The border was a breeze. We could stay in our car while our passports were checked and we were just asked a few questions and then allowed through. This took about 10 minutes in total. Wow, what a pleasure compared to the Zim or S.A borders!
 Phil was really tierd so I had to drive part of the way. I told him that I was not going to drive (my stubborn nature!) as I was not confident driving on the right side of the road with the steering on the left! Anyway, after a short while, it was fine as long as I went slowly and didn`t have to turn off anywhere. I think that`s why he gave me a long stretch of straight road! Note, my concentration! I told Murray to sit in the front so he could keep an eye on my driving and if I went onto the left side of the road, he could quickly shout at me.....! Phil had a few of those when he started driving here...........

 Johno, Trish, Phil and myself. We went for a lovely walk close to their farm. The weather was so hot, about 25degress celsius. They have never had summer start so early before. Normally, there is still lots of snow at this time.
 Trish and Megan who is alomost 11.
 A lovely walk and view from the bridge we walked over.

 All the kids - the boys with James and Megan.
 The Three muscateers! Duncan and James are the same age.
 Phil helping Johno load hay for a delivery. He has sheep, cattle and grows and sells alfalfa bails.
 A little help from the boys to load the pick-up!
 Luke working hard!
 The boys really enjoyed all the hard labour. It was a challenge to see how quickly they could load!
 Megan doing her thing! She was so efficient and was chuffed to have some help too!
Sheep, sheep and more sheep. Johno has about 100 ewes.
 We went to the Toronto Science Center. Murray having a look at all the balls going around.

 Duncan driving a space walker. He had to aim for the targets on the side and it was really quite a challenge. It worked with suction and air pressure.
Duncan standing next to the sound wave stand. The sound changed the sound wave and made the water move and the water would dance or jump up.
 A tornado. The boys were able to go right inside.
 A model of the Great Lakes.
 How much water do we have in our bodies? Murray has about 60 liters in his body according to this experiment.
 Coming out of Toronto. We didn`t actually go right into the city as we ran out of time. You can see the tall C.N Tower where you can view the city from the top and walk on the glass floor, doing the sky walk - maybe next time?
 Toronto is just one big city, not really for me. I prefer the large open spaces and country side!

This building below says Canada bread - Quite spectacular!
  James bought us all dounuts. They were delicious!

Our time with Johno and Trisha was short but we so enjoyed catching up again. We also spent some time with Johno`s folks, Pete and Rose and it was good to see them too. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of them. They asked all about Zim and how people were doing and who was still there, so we had some good chats.

I am off to Chattanooga in Tennesee tomorrow and Phil will be with the boys at the Millers house this weekend. I will post again after the weekend and let you know all about Kay Athur`s Womens conference which I am very excited to be able to go - what a treat!
If you want to know more about precepts ministry, you can go to

Take care!

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  1. So looking forward to hear about Kay. Canada looks lovely. So glad I did not have to drive, that would have freaked me out!!! Well done!!