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Friday, March 16, 2012

Corning Glass Museum

We went to the Corning Museum of Glass with Linda, Levi, Abigail and Elias. Below is a sculpture made of glass. There were so many amazing things to see in the museum including all the different glass creations and art. It was impossible to show photos of everything but we were all so amazed at what we saw and it was a really interesting day!

The boys got to make glass sculptures. They had to blow the glass to make the shape and then the guy would place it in the furnace. It would then be placed into an oven to cool very slowly otherwise it would break, so we had to leave them at the museum overnight and they will be shipped to Linda`s house in a few days.

The boys sat at each end of these "whisper areas" and they would whisper to each other from across the room, opposite where they sat. They could  have a perfectly audible conversation just whispering to each other. It really felt so weird and so they had great fun speaking to one another.

This fruit was made purely of glass!

Have you ever seen glass flowers before? Well, now you have!

This was a glass demonstration illustrating how different glass breaks and depending on what is added to the glass will depend on its properties and uses. 

We all went in the Miller`s van or should I rather call it a mini bus?

Playing on a lovely sunny "almost" spring day. No more snow for now!

Linda and myself after a walk in the sunny countryside and our talk about homeschooling, children and "life."

Tim and Phil after their brisk walk and talk about farming and "stuff." Perhaps they have solved the world`s problems?

We left the Millers on the 13th March and travelled up to Boston for 2 nights. We are here for one more night and then we will head up towards Canada. I will let you know about Boston in my next post. So, stay connected!

We were all really sad to say Goodbye to all the Millers but we will be seeing them again at the end of March after I have been to Tennesee for Kay Arthur`s conference! The boys are already asking how many more nights will we be staying with the Millers. They got on so well with all their children! I can`t believe that we have been in America for 2 weeks already. We still can`t believe that we are really here. It is so good to be here!


  1. Ah Mandi this is so nice to see. What a wonderful experience for all of you. What wonderful memories for your boys.

  2. The glass blowing was amazing! I didnt show all our photos of what was made in glass as the photos take so long to upload but we couldn`t beleive all the beautiful things one can make with glass!
    love to all