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Sunday, March 11, 2012


We had dinner with a home schooling family, Eric and Lyn and their 6 children. They are good friends of the Millers and live right next door to them. We had a great meal together and enjoyed getting to know them. We have found American people to be so friendly and hospitable.  
The boys playing a game with 3 of their children

Ice skating with friends

The boys did really well and I guess after learning to ski, this must have helped them master another new skill. They certainly have done some really different things in the last 3 days! It has all been such an adventure for them.
Practise makes it possible!

Linda and I dropped the kids off at the ice skating rink and went to do some shopping where I got to see a HUGE selection of foods that I had never seen before - the selection of cheeses, cold meats and the one thing that got me was the selection of olives. There must have been about 20 different kinds of olives. I didn`t even know that so many varieties even existed?! I took some photos and I was told by one of the shop assistants that I was not allowed to take photos. I guess they thought I may have been one of the opposition possibly taking their ideas? I told them I was from Zimbabwe so the lady said, " Well then, I guess seeing you are from out of state, you could maybe take some photos." Well, I think I was a little further away than just out of state................she hadn`t a clue where Zimbabwe was. 

CHEESE for "Africa!"

My special friend Linda. We went for a nice brisk morning walk.

The Millers Home

This is their house that they built themselves while they stayed in the basement. Tim did most of the building and finishing off of the house. They live on a small holding surrounded by forest where they also keep a few ducks and chickens. Tim experiments with growing plants and organic vegetables.

These photos were taken when the snow had all melted. We had amazing snow on Friday and Saturday but I will write about our last 2 days of skiing in my next post.

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