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Sunday, March 18, 2012


We spent 2 nights in Boston and loved it!! There is so much history to Boston that we could not resist stopping and seeing all the historical sites.
 We travelled to Boston via Providence in Rhode Island as Phil had business to do there. The boys just slept all the way to Boston, which took us about 5hours. I couldn't resist taking photos of all the sleepy boys! We have been to 3 States now - New York, Massachusettes and Rhode Island.

We didn`t really like Providence in Rhode Island and I think the area where we travelled was a bit dodgy so we quickly left and didn`t stay there too long. Duncan took some photos of all the graphitti on the walls and I would say by the pictures that there are drug problems and issues there...........?

We took the trolley tours for a 2 day tour of the city so we didn`t have to drive into Boston and then having to find our way around. We caught a train into the city and then just hopped onto the bus for an all day tour. We could hop on and off whenever we wanted to and there were 19 stops so we had much to see. It was a perfect way to tour the city and what we really liked about it was that every time we got onto the bus, we had a different tour guide as there were many buses stopping every 15 minutes. Each guide gave us their little bit of history and the stories were all different, so hopefully we can say that we learnt a great deal about America during the American Revolution!
 Here is a photo of of our bus in the window. We are on it!
 This is where they filmed the famous Cheers T.V show.
 This is the Old State House which we unfortunately did not see as we sadly ran out of time.
 Guess who this is? The one and only Benjamin Franklin. He was one of the founding fathers of the United States. He played a very important part in the revolutionary war and was a commissioner to France for the United States. He was a leading author, printer, scientist, inventor and is most famous for his theories and discoveries regarding electricity and he invented many other things including the lighning rod, Franklin stove and bifocal glasses.
 Waiting for our bus at another stop. It was really cold that day - the wind was freezing.
 Outside Paul Revere`s house! Wow, I can`t believe we have finally got to see his house after studying America and the part that Paul Revere played in the war of independence. He was a prosperous silversmith in Boston and is most famous for alerting the American troops of approaching British forces before the battles of Lexingtin and Concord. This is known as the "Midnight ride of Paul Revere." During the war, he was a courier reporting on political unrest in Boston, travelling to New York and Philadelphia. There were reported about 18 such rides.
 Here is a full view of his house. We went inside but were not allowed to take photos. Of course it has been restored but we still get an idea as to what it may have been like.
 Paul Revere had 16 children where only 11 survived into their adult years. His first wife died and he remarried soon after that.
 This is just opposite Paul Revere`s house.
 This was an amazing museum! The USS Constitution is a battle ship that was given the name  "Ironside." We loved the museum and there were so many hands on things for the boys to see and do.

 There were hundreds of model ships like this one in the museum. They were very cleverly crafted and put together.
 Duncan, seeing what scrubbing the deck was like. The boys got to try things out and experienec what it may have been like on a ship during the war.
 Murray and Duncan.
 Taking a quick nap in a hammock which the sailors slept in.
 Learning how to make knots.
 Duncan hauling a goat aboard. They had goats on board so they could have fresh milk, cheese and meat.
 The most dangerous animal we have seen in Amercia so far! This little squirrel was so freindly and spotted Luke eating his sandwich from very far away. He was in for a treat!
 Watch out for the cannons!
 Aboard the ''Old Ironside," now called USS Constitution. It was launched in Boston in 1797. It is the world`s oldest commissioned war ship afloat. Undefeated, she earned her name "old Ironside" in legenary battles against the Royal navy in the war of 1812.
 The cannon deck.
 Thank goodness for the sign otherwise the boys may have been tempted to pick up the cannon balls and try out the cannons...............and who knows what else would have happened?
 The captain`s dining room. There were between 400-500 men aboard altogether and they only had 2 cooks - one for the captain and one for the rest of the men!! I found this really amusing.
 The captain`s cabin. Duncan said that he wants to be a captain so he can sleep in such a nice cabin!
 The sailors quarters. I`m sure that this will take some getting used to but I guess when you "hit the sack," by then you would be so exhausted!
 After the American war of Independence where the United States gained Independence on the 4July 1776, they were indebted to France for their help during the war. So, in order to pay off this debt, they sold off their navy ships. Not long after that, they had a Pirate problem off the East coast of Africa and they were made to pay ransoms in order to get back their crew. George Washington had had enough and he decided that they needed to build up their navy again so they could protect their waters, so they built more ships and strengthened their position.
We can`t remember the name of this bridge? Will have to find out..............
 This is a bridge over the Charles River. Boston is built around the Charles River.

 We walked for quite a long time so we could catch our last bus to the station but the walk was great and we were able to take more photos as we walked along instead of from a moving bus!

After a very long day back to our 'Days Inn' hotel about 40 minutes away. We all had a great time in Boston! Another day here would have been good.

Our next adventure is a 2 day stay in Vermont - stay tuned!


  1. Wish we were there with you. Looks exhaustingly invigorating.

    Linda for all the Millers

    1. Wish you could be with us too! We will see you all in about 4 days time!
      Love from all of us

  2. Hey Mand's!!
    Loving all your posts and pics!!! Glad you are all enjoying!!!
    Lots of love

    1. Thanks Karen! Hope you are all well and that all the ladies are enjoying Bible studies!
      Please give them all my love!
      Love Mandi

  3. Hi Mandi, just wanted to let you know, Karen's brother was killed this week end.

  4. That is awful news.............We will be praying for the family.
    I will send an email to Karen.
    Love Mandi