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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skiing day 2-3

Day 2 at Bristol Mountain:

It snowed most the day and we could hardly see where we were going. It was actually quite scary. Luke and I skiied together for the morning and when we got to the top of the mountain, we couldn`t see a thing, so we stopped at one of the log cabins waiting for it to clear a bit.

Murray and Duncan experiencing skiing in real snow weather! It was an adventure for them to be able to know what it was like in a snow fall.

 This is Luke, in case you were not sure who this was?

Phil, Murray and Duncan, just covered in snow!

Luke had an accident about the last 5 minutes of skiing for the day. I think he was just tierd and lost concentration and he hurt his knee. He didn`t feel he could get up and within about 5 minutes, there were 4 medical assistants attending to him. We were so impressed with the quick reaction and "service with a smile!" I was taking photos and one of the medical guys asked me whether I was a lawyer. I said, "No, I was just the frantic mother and we were from Zimbabwe, so no chance of any come backs for them." I can see why they have to be so effecient!  

Luke was carried onto a sled with one guy steering in the front and one at the back. I think Luke just wanted a "sled skiing experience"?!

The little hospital where he was taken.

Luke was fine and his knee was just sprained, so no broken bones. We were so grateful and we just Thank God for looking after him and for looking after all of us!

Bristol Mountain at 6pm - so beautiful! 


Day 3 of Skiing:

Our last day of skiing was great with amazing sunny skies. Unfortunately, Luke was not able to join us as his knee still hurt so he stayed at home with the Millers. All the boys did amazingly well at skiing and by the second day they were skiing down the black slopes, much more than I was able to do! I prefered to just stay on the green and blue slopes and to just take it easy.

All of us minus Luke. We really missed him that day!

Phil liked to hug the snow every now and again, or maybe he just liked to take a quick rest?!

Two great skiers just before they went down a red slope.

And this was the end of our skiing adventure. 

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  1. well that looked great. well done to you all. yes luke was very lucky that his injury was not worse. i think knees take the greatest strain with skiing. we had a skiing trip with friends and their daugther did massive damage to her knee before she even got to the slopes on day 1... so not unusual. but i am sure very frustrating for him. well done to the others... black slopes! crazy!!! buts thats the young for you. :-) Marg