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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Bristol Mountain

Luke going up the little beginners lift
We skied at Bristol Mountain on Tuesday and we had some great snow. It wasn`t too busy so we had 4 instructors between 4 of us. Phil went off on his own with another instructor and I stayed with the boys. The boys did extremely well for their first time. After many falls and many laughs, they finally got the hang of it. It didn`t take long until they were hooked!

Luke, Duncan and myself

Luke and Duncan going up the ski lift with the instructor
 The ski lifts were a challenge for me personnally. I just couldn`t seem to get off them without falling. I almost stayed on the one and then I jumped off too late and I ended up crashing over the barrier. After telling the instructor that I would go on the ski lift with Murray because I knew what I was doing - well it appeared that I didn`t  know what I was doing!? I hope I will have better luck on Friday when we go skiing again!
Murray did a lot of these!!

Duncan feeling confident

Phil and Murray

We will go skiing on the weekend again so we are all looking forward to testing our skills again! The weather has warmed up but we will have snow on the weekend but I think after that the snow will all start to melt. Well, we had been praying for snow for our first week and then we don`t mind the weather warming up after that as we will be on the road a lot after this week.

We have  4 more days left with the Millers and I feel really sad that our time with them is coming to an end......... 


  1. Wow, Mandi, looks like you guys are having a fabulous time. Wish I could have seen some photos of you falling off the lift thingy!! The little church is gorgeous. So loving your adventure, thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Mandi, this looks stunning and so much fun. I am sure you are all have such a great time. I think this is an excellent idea with your blog, really well done!!

    1. Thanks, but you didnt sign your name so i dont know who this is from?

  3. In case you don't know, Loving Chaos is Tara

  4. Mands Phil and boys, I am so impressed with this blog and all the cool pics!!! I am so jealous!!! Wish I was there. Canada looks especially amazing.
    You just blow me away!!
    love bronxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx