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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home school co-op, science museum, college

We went to the Millers home school co-op where their children have lessons in history, art, public speaking and gym classes every Thursday afternoons. I did a presentation on what home schooling is like in Zimbabwe so hopefully the children learnt something new about Zimbabwe. They seemed to really enjoy all the wild Africa and fishing stories so hopefully this will give them a desire to want to visit Africa some day? They also knew exactly where Zimbabwe was so I was impressed.

Murray in a Middle Ages History class where they learnt all about castles.

                                          Luke with Elias enjoying an art class together.

                                  This is Hannah`s college where she is studying optics and physics.


Myself, Phil, the boys, Levi, Elias and Abigail at the science museum. Linda is taking the photo.

Phil with a mammoth! Or has he noticed it?

                                                      Luke enjoying the science museum.


Phil and Levi in the "dizzy room." Linda and I could not walk in there as we just felt like falling as the sloped floor made you feel dizzy.............but everyone else could walk in there, so they were ovoiusly not affected.

Linda, Levi, Abigail and Elias outside a real old fashioned diner.


  1. Hi Mandi Phil & Boy's
    Wow you all seem to e having such a fantastic time & wonderful experience. We have really enjoyed following you all on hoilday..keep the photo's coming..
    We have had a problem trying to find how to comment on this blog. I clicked on someone else's comment & got this box?? So hope you get it..

    Bye for now

    Lots of love

    Ave & Dad xxxxx

    1. Hi Dad and Ave
      Yes, i got it! We are having an amazing tiem and the boys are learning so much! We are really enjoying our journey.
      Love to all
      love all of us

  2. How's the family??????
    Sofia Green.

    1. Hi Sophie
      We are all doing well thank you! You must be so happy to have mum back again! Love to all xx