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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Summer is here at last! Everything looks so different in the Summer. Here are a few photos of our neighbourhood and the Lake nearby.
 This is looking out from our house to Marie`s house, our neighbour.

 Across the road from us.

 The boys playing crochet at Marie`s house.

 Here is our house from another angle. Lots of space to run around!

The front side.
 This is at Cornel Plantations.

 At Caguya Lake

 Murray is dying to fish!

 This is from Marie`s verander.

 and overlooking our house........

 The weather is very strange here and we get extremes in weather temperatures. This week it has been around 35 Degrees but in the last 2 days we have experienced 6 degrees and it will continue to be cold until early next week. The temperature in the mornings at 7am starts at around 22 degrees and continues to rise throughout the day to 35 degrees and only after 8pm does it start to cool down slightly. So during the day, it is very hot and humid but it is still better than winter! 

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