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Friday, May 10, 2013


We went to Philadelphia for the weekend as Murray did a squash coaching certificate level 1 course. This was a great opportunity for him to be able to not only coach squash but to also learn all the various drills and improve his game at the same time. Hopefully, he will learn some new skills to take back to Zimbabwe!

Below, this is me and I didn`t have to cook the whole weekend! (Thanks to the Super 8 Hotels!) Actually, Luke made the choc chip muffins!
 Murray practising his drills with the other participants. There were about 20 other people who came to do the squash coaching level 1 course. Murray was the youngest and there was a great difference in ages, from 17 to about over 50, but mostly College students.
 Discussing drill lessons, strenghts and weaknesses together, learning from one another.
 The course was the whole weekend, with many lectures, drill practise and demonstrations. Saturday was the whole day from 9am until 7:30 pm, so a great deal to learn and remember. Murray has completed his practical training and now he still needs to complete 3 exams in order to receive his certifciate, a referee exam, squash thoery exam and a CPR course. So, he has quite a bit of work ahead of him in the next few weeks. 
 The city center. Drexel University has buildings all over the city.
 Drexel university - where Murray did his squash course.
 Walking up the stairs to the squash courts.
 A smiley face! :) He thoroughly enjoyed the course. Welldone Murray for all your hard work!
 An Advert for Drexel University.
 Driving to Philadelphia, some of the country side
 We were very Thankful to our faithful GPS!

Driving to our Hotel which was about 30 minutes out of the main city center towards Atlantic City, which was about another hour away.
Driving back into the city the next day.

 At the waterfront.

Phil, Duncan and Luke

 Walking along the waterfront. It was very quiet but still early in the morning after we had dropped Murray off at his squash training course.

We mostly walked around the city but did not go into any museums THIS TIME! The boys have had enough of museums for now so we just looked from the outside.

 This is part of the Old City - a very Historical area.

 Walking towards the Liberty Bell Museum. This was the only museum we visited.

 The Famous Liberty Bell!

 Beautiful Summer flowers coming out!
 Taking a break from all the walking!

 This is a real post office which has kept it`s historical look on the outside.

We really enjoyed Philadelphia city. It reminded us of Boston, our favourite city in America.
 Little cobbled alleyway.
 Part of the Old City!

 Walking back to our car at the waterfront!

 We were told when we went to Philadelphia, we should try their famous cheese steaks. So, what do you normally think about when you think of a cheese steak? A piece of steak filled with cheese! Right?! Wrong!
 This is a Famous Philly cheese steak! It did taste good though but I couldn`t have too many of these too often. (The cheese is squeezed out of a bottle!! Imagine all those harmful chemicals and preservatives in your body, if you ate one of these every week?!)
 Ready, Steady, Eat!!

 Yum Yum!! It didn`t take long to wolf it down!
 On the way out of the city, there was a fire but we still do not know what caused it. We were a little concerned especially after the Boston Bombings, but there was nothing on the news so we were sure it was probably just a factory fire? There had been a running race in the city earlier that morning?

 On the way out of the city. We really enjoyed our weekend. Back to Ithaca now which was about a 4 hour drive.

Until next time again! I will start posting some Summer photos of Ithaca. We have been having some lovely warm weather!

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