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Friday, May 10, 2013

LEAH Homeschool CO-Op

On Mondays, the boys go to LEAH CO-OP where they participate with about 30 other Home School families in various activities. LEAH stands for Loveing Education At Home.

 The entrance to our church where we go to LEAH every week. 
 Beautiful Summer Flowers!!

Duncan and Luke in their Lego class. There is a Lego League competition coming up in November where they have to build an electric robot and program it to follow certain instructions, so that should be fun!

 Some of the LEAH kids.

 A picture with all the LEAH kids ranging from 5yrs - 18yrs. There is a really nice bunch of teens in their group so the boys have made some good friends.
 Murray and Duncan`s guitar class. Travis (in the red) has done a great job! He is a pastor from another church.
 Practising diligently for LEAH Co-Op night later that day where they will play for parents and relatives.

 LEAH Co-Op night! The kids had only been playing for 10 weeks and they did really well!

The Literature class receiving their certificates after studying the book Silas Marner. Murray was unsure of this class to begin with but actually he quite enjoyed it.

It has been great to meet other Home schoolers and there is a big community of Home schoolers in America. Home schooling in Zimbabwe is also growing and there are many young families who are starting to homeschool their children. If you read this and live in Zimbabwe, we have a support group that you can join. Send me a message if you would like to know more about this group!

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