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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Six Flags Fabulous Fun

We went to Six Flags America just outside D.C. It is a fun theme park and the boys were asking us if they could go and so this was a good opportunity to take them as it was the beginning of the season and they were only just opening, so we were here just in time. They had all been closed for the winter.

 The boys standing near an imitation of the Liberty Bell.

Ready for some fun?! Well, Phil and I told the boys that we were just taking them into the park but we were not going to go on any of the rides ........................yeah right?!
 This ride comes down so fast - you feel like you are going to hit the floor. I went on this when I was a child, but not today.

 The boys loved this ride - awful.
Well, after phil and I telling the boys that we were not going to go on any rides - we were persuaded to go on this roller coaster in white.
It didn`t look too bad when we compared it to all the other rides so we thought that it would be ok. We were seriuosly mistaken! On our first down-hill, suddenly our memories were awakened and we remembered why we didn`t want to go on this ride in the first place! I said to phil, "I really dont like this." He said, "Oh, well it is nearly over." I thought I was going to fly out of my seat as I kept lifting off slightly and I was terrified. When we got to the end, Duncan shouted to us, "that was fun hey mum." I laughed with nervousness and said NO.
 I still can`t believe we went on that!! Unfortunately, we don`t have a photo to prove it or we would have definitely flown out of our seats trying to take a photo!
 OOOHHH.................we survived!
 This was an even higher one the boys went on. It was so crazy high!
What madness!!? (for some)
That`s not high - hey?

At the end - they were shrieking with joy/fear?!
 This was another roller coaster called roar. They also loved this one. It looked really bumpy and it seemed to turn really fast.
 After their hell ride. And they call this a fun park?

 This was one that the boys did not go on - thankfully. It went upside down, twisting and turning. It looked horendous!

 We all went on this one - it was such fun!

 You go to the top and then come down in the water - it was really good fun and you just got a little wet.

The view from the top when Phil came with us.
 Another picture with animated characters.
 We loved watching this and seeing other people get wet! They got soaked doing this one. The boys were not keen to get wet after seeing all the soaking people.

 And splash at the end!!

 Another water ride which I also went on. I felt like a kid again!
 Phil was a kid again - waiting to spray them as they came down. You squirt these sprays and it wets the people on the ride.
 Oh dear, Phil missed! The boys laughed histerically at him - shame!
 The drive back home after a wonderful day had by all of us, except for the roller coaster. I was happy to have survived the day.
 Drving back to our hotel. It was about 7pm and the boys wanted to go to the easter fireworks but we thought that we had done enough for one day. We had given them the choice earlier on, to either stay at the park later or leave earlier and go to the fireworks and they chose to stay at the park.
Another fun day enjoyed by all of us. My next post will be New York city.

Until next time, these posts are coming fast now as our time draws to an end!
Hopefully we will see some of you on the 16th when we are back?!

Stay dry, stay safe and stay blessed!

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