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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Last Day with Millers at their home

 After the Precept conference, we stayed with the Millers for 2 more nights in New York State. Phil left a day earlier to go to a place called Warren in Pennsylvania as he had some business to do. I spent the day with Linda and the kids. We all (including the Millers) left for Charleroi in Pennsylvania for 2 nights where we stayed with Linda`s mum. (more about that in my next post).
The photo above shows the beginnings of spring - the weather has been lovely and warm, although on some days the wind picked up and the air was icy and very cold!

 On the way to the Millers we stopped off at Hemlock lake near their home. It was a beautiful lake but the wind was freezing! We literally just took some photos and then ran back to the car. The sun was out and it was warm in the car so we didn`t expect to be greeted with an unexpected icy cold wind.
 A quick photo and then ....................................
 ..........we ran back to the car, (see the empty bench) at least everyone else did while I snapped another quick photo while my hands felt like they would freeze up!
 A last photo from Abigail`s room. You can see the green grass outside, compare this to the photo of when we arrived in another post at their home.
These next few photos are taken by Phil while he was driving to Warren! I`m glad I wasn`t there to watch him drive and take photos at the same time.............! You see signs along the road advertising Macdonalds, Duncan donuts (yum, yum) and other rest stops.
A Casino owned and run by the Indians in the Indian reservation which we drove through. While you drive through the reservation, the roads were not as good as the other roads..........need I say more.

One or two hands on the steering wheel......................?

Phil went via Pittsburgh to get to Charleroi in PA where we were all meeting up together.
The journey there.
Another no-name bridge and lake. I guess when you are driving, you can`t always read everything?!
Hot, fast and driving SE! 9.1Liters per 100km - average fuel consumption.

From the Miller`s house, Phil drove for about 2 hours the first day, spent the night in Warren and then drove for another 4 hours to Charleroi to meet up with us. He went through some very hilly country in central Pennsylvania.
I will post all about our adventures with Linda`s mum in my next letter. I haven`t forgotten to post about my Precpet weekend in more detail - I am just not finding that much time to fill you in, so that post will take awhile longer.
Until next time - God bless and keep safe! xxx


  1. :-( Still can't believe you're "on your own," meaning you won't be back here at our place. But am so happy you're enjoying your travels in the warmth. It's snowing big snowflakes here today, Abigail's 14th birthday. Thanks for thinking of her and calling.

    Love you all,
    hugs and kisses to each of you

  2. Thanks for all the photos you sent us! Wish we could have been there with you all. Abigail must have enjoyed the beautiful big snowflakes! love to all