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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Charleroi Good Bye

This will be a short and sweet post and  the next few posts will probably also be short as time is short with our last few days here!

 After the Creation Museum, we went back to stay with Linda`s mum (Nuni) for 2 more nights. We so enjoyed staying with her. She is such a warm, loving and huggy person so lots of hugs were given all round. We spent a relaxing day just staying at her house after having had such a busy 3 days in Kentucky.

The boys played in the stream near Shirley`s house (Nuni). They made boats and sent them down the stream to see which boat would make it to the end first. We had such a beautiful sunny day and it felt so good to be out in the sunshine.

Shirley (Nuni), Linda`s mum chatting to Phil.
 Duncan and Murray perfecting their boats so they could float them down the stream.

Luke trying his boat out?!
And, finally they are off, racing down the stream to the end!
I`m not sure whose boat was the fastest?
The boys eating supper with the Millers cousin, Bree-Anne.
Having Spaghettie Bolognaise with Linda`s brother Gary, his wife Rose-anne and daughter, Julie-anne.
The view from the top of the hill which we climbed.
All of us at the top of the hill.

We had a wonderful relaxing time with Shirley and it was so good to get to know her and her family.

My next post will be D.C and then New York city and then we will be home on the 15th April!

Please drop us a line until next time!

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