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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zimbabwe - Our Favourite Places

We are a farming family and we also enjoy the outdoors, camping, fishing and travelling, seeing new things and learning about different cultures and countries as we travel and meet different people from all walks of life.This post will include photos of our beautiful country and the places where we love to go in Zimbabwe!

(This is a long post. If your internet is too slow to download all the photos, then let me know and I will divide this post into more posts) Some of these photos are taken a few years ago so they are not recent!


 I think I will stick to being an observer when it comes to fishing!
 A Typical Kariba scene

 This was the House Boat we went on.

 No, we are not fishing for Hippo!
 You can get very close to the elephants.

 One of the many beautiful sunsets!


 This was the boys best catch ever! They went home Happy Chappies that week.


 Chilojo Cliffs

 Baobab Tree, they are massive in this part of the world!
MANA POOLS: (with friends)

 Fishing is our thing!! Boys are up at sunrise and only put down rods at sun set!

 Duncans first Big Tiger fish ever!
 Our friends!
 Dad and youngest son!

 Cards, whose keen!

 Murray never gave up............he can fish all day long without even catching anything, thats true fishermans patience!
 As for Luke - he tries too!
 Our Camp!
 Look at that view!


 Church Camp.

 Beautiful Tea Estate

Romans 1:20 "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse."

This is our beautiful land!
Africa has so much to offer despite all our political problems. Every country has its own different set of problems so we need to live in such a way that will benefit others in a positive way and make a difference for our God and country!

I will be posting more about our travels in America and life here compared to life in Zimbabwe. That will be an interesting one?!


  1. Hey Frosties - looks like you're missing home!! Looking forward to seeing more of your USA adventures :)

    1. Hi !! I wanted to do some posts on zim and then continue with our American adventures, so I will be posting more on America in the coming weeks. It is such a different way of life than what we are used to and so good to see how other people live. The boys are making the most of all the opportunities here!
      We miss our African skies and beautiful weather and of course all our friends! Thanks for keeping in contact, really appreciate it! Love to all xxxx